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Members who volunteer to assist at Sailability at Watermead Country Park spent the morning learning the correct ways of moving and handling handicapped sailors in and out of the special dinghies. Mosaic provides disability services and the Sailability project aims to give disabled people the opportunity to sail a dinghy or learn how to sail a dinghy. The Leicester Club provides volunteers on a weekly basis to help provide this service.









Big Bang Show at Leicester Grammar School

Derek Sadd and Colin Derrick  manned a stand at this event on 23rd April 2016. They were promoting Rotary youth competitions, and we understand that at least one thousand visitors were expected at the event.

Visit  https://nearme.thebigbangfair.co.uk/Event/?e=2520

Big Bang 2

Big Bang 1







A report on the outcome of the event will appear here soon


Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA )2015


Kim Francis and President Paul Bonnett appear below at the Grafham Water Centre near Huntingdon, where candidates were put through their paces in a seven day event. This event took place in July 2015.

Paul and Kim RYLA 2015 001


RYLA (2017)

This year’s RYLA candidate was Melissa Prescod, a 25 year old volunteer at Charity Link.She is an event co-ordinator and is starting her own business called Ability for All. She suffers from Functional Neurological Disorder which means her mobility can suffer if she has an attack. 

The event, at Grafham Water, started with a night walk on the first day, followed by some sailing and  a night expedition later in the week. This is coupled with public speaking, a business game and much more so no time to rest!

This will be a challenging experience but likely to be life changing as it has been for all our previous candidates.




Youth Speaks competition 2016

The competition took place in April and pictured below is the District Governor accompanied by our team from Leicester High School for girls at the Regional Final.


Youth Speaks 2016




Rotary In Action

Motorcycles to Uganda 201410347097_685418854832795_3347523735321213526_n

In 2014 the club raised funds to purchase three motorcycle ambulances. Traditional ambulance vehicles are not suitable for the rough terrain in remote villages. Many babies and their mothers were dying through their inability to to reach a hospital on occasions where the pregnancy ended in a complicated birth. The statistics showed that if a mother died, it was very likely that her child would not survive more than a year. So put simply, save the mother and save the child.

The ambulances are now operating successfully and bringing those in or near to labour to the safe and clean environment of a hospital for the delivery. Survival rates are already much improved.