Eating In to Help Out

  • Rotary 

Whilst our members are missing the face to face aspects of our regular lunches, which have moved online due to the current coronavirus situation, they are using this as an opportunity to help others by donating the costs of their normal lunches – a case of ‘Eating In to Help Out’.

As we are donating in respect our missed Rotary lunches, we thought it would be appropriate that one of the ways we help out is by supporting our new Rotary4foodbanks project.

Donations to Rotary4foodbanks will be used to purchase food at wholesale prices. That way it is more effective that simply purchasing items for your local food band yourself, although many of our members do that as well.

As the economic impacts of the Coronavirus crisis start to bite we expect that the local food banks in Leicester will come extra pressure with many more people turning to them for assistance and would invite all our members, and the general public to support our Rotary4foodbanks project.

To find out more about the Rotary4foodbanks project, or make a donation to scheme, click the relevant image below.

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