Youth Projects By Rotary Club Leicester Members

Our Youth Projects

Technology Tournament 2019

On Thursday, 28th February The Rotary Club of Leicester held our annual schools Technology Tournament for its fifth consecutive year. Once again we were hosted …
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Technology Tournament

Technology Tournament 2016

How do you get 130 children to abandon their mobiles for the day? Leicester Grammar School paid hosts to the 2ndannual technology tournament organised by the …
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Technology Tournament

Technology Tournament 2018

On the 21st February 2018, Leicester Rotary  organised a Technology Tournament,  kindly hosted by the Leicester Grammar School, Great Glen. There were 10 schools taking …
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Young Musician competition

Young Musician competition

Our Club junior entry, Sofia, received the trophy for the best instrumentalist in the District Young Musician Competition. This was judged against all the instrumental soloists …
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Young Designer Competition

On the 16th.June 2018, some 60 or so students from schools across the City, County, Rutland,Northamptonshire and Lincolnshire  gathered on campus at Leicester’s DeMontfort University …
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young chef competition

Young chef competition

The competition was held at Leicester High School for Girls on Saturday 10th October. The photos below show some of the mouth-watering exhibits and President Paul …
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Young Musician Competition

The Rotary Young Musician competition provides a stage for musical talent to shine in regional competitions before the grand final. Starting with club level competitions, winners progress to district events followed by regional contests with the hope of appearing at the national final.

  • Junior, intermediate and senior age groups
  • Finalist have an opportunity to play in a theater to an audience
  • Instrumental categories: Solo, Ensemble ( 2- 5 people), Group
  • Vocal categories: Solo, Ensemble ( 2 – 5 people), Choirs

Technology Tournament

Technology Tournaments are one-day events for teams of four students from local schools and colleges. Under supervised tournament conditions, students collectively work together to solve the previously unseen task while using oral, written and graphical communication skills to compile a project portfolio.

  • Ages group 11 – 17
  • All day event run by local Rotary clubs to a national set challenge
  • Three levels of competition appropriate to age or ability
  • Develops team work, communication, problem solving & practical skills
  • Links with the National Curriculum

Youth Chef Competition

Rotary believe it is important to encourage and develop creativity in young people and that includes creativity in the kitchen. Cooking among young people is growing interest and a valuable life skill.

  • The competition is open to all students between 11 – 17 who enjoy cooking and are in full time education
  • Young people produce a healthy economical meal for two people
  • Show good cooking and presentation skills
  • Develop good organisational skills

Young Designer Competition

A competition for young entrepreneurs and inventors to showcase their design ideas and skills

  • Looking for innovative and creativity
  • Open to all schools and colleges within Rotary District 1070, the competition is based around the design coursework curriculum for GCSE and A/S level student
  • projects in Textiles, Resistant Materials ( wood, metal, plastic ), Graphics and Electronics
  • District competition final/exhibition held at De Montfort University

Youth Speaks

Through this competition, Rotary encourages the development of creativity and presentation skills essential to the art of public speaking, and this is shown through the enthusiasm of the students from the many schools which take part.

  • Intermediate and senior age groups
  • Teams of three – chairperson, speaker and vote of thanks
  • Subjects are chosen by entrants
  • Opportunity to speak on a public platform
  • Improves self-confidence and presentation skills